My husband (Ian) and I (Julie) purchased a General Store here in Wayne Maine in October 2010. We named it Julian’s Wayne General Store. We found it was a struggle to keep up with the big stores and had to come up with a community need to be able to support our new venture. We were already selling homemade bread that a neighbor in Wayne ( Anne Huntington) was wholesaling to us.  She called it Huntington Bread.  Anne came to us and asked if I wanted to buy her business in 2012, I was very excited.  We changed the name gradually to A Small Town Bakery her breads were very popular and I wanted people to know that it was the same recipe. We have grown in the bakery by doing wholesale accounts at Stores that have the same theory in local support, Marie’s Whole Foods in Readfield, and Weston’s Meat Market in West Gardiner.  We also do Farmer’s Market’s in Augusta at the Viles Arboretum both in the Winter and Summer also Belgrade Lakes, and Wayne in the Summer.

Having worked in Customer Relations most of my life, I carry a sense of wanting to provide a service that I feel comfortable with. Growing up the eldest child in a family of 3 I naturally enjoyed helping to prepare the family’s meals. My Dad was the meat and vegetable harvester. My Mom the producer of our home grown and hunted meals. When I wasn’t home I was at Nanny’s helping her jar up and create recipes from her garden that Pappy harvested in pride.  My husband supported me in my dream to buy our own business. It gives us a sense of pride. We then were faced with the realization of competition in the grocery business. The town of Wayne has come a long way with the help of Sustain Wayne.  We all realize it’s important to get people to think locally and support the small folks like us.  I love my new found friends! “TODAY’S FRIENDS BECOME TOMORROWS FAMILY” Farmer’s Markets!  Creative minds together in one place. All the artistic vegetables, cheeses, flowers, herbs, and meats. Considering myself a producer of these products I utilize my friends harvesting to create meals, baked goods and creative displays around them with local flowers and herbs. Can you feel the love?! 

 I have been experimenting in catering since I purchased the Bakery and continue to grow that aspect of the business.  Including “Catering” into the Bakery gives me a chance to think artistically and to be creative in the menu planning.  With each new event I get the opportunity to expand my creativity by listening to the dietary needs, family traditions, favorite recipes and just plain fun menu ideas. So feel free to test my abilities. Make me bake!!! Julie

NEW: My husband Ian is “Crocking the Kraut”! Cabbage coming from mostly Emery Farm in Wayne and Beth’s Beth’s Market in Warren watch for it at the markets! 

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